The latest and last RUINER content update is yours for the taking. Arena mode, fresh designer outfits, more brutal finishers, Czech and Ukrainian localization - to name just the few. There's much much more cool s**t waiting for you in Rengkok South!

Arena:Colosseum Mode

Pure adrenaline-pumping action awaits, if you dare to try. Enter the Arena. Face waves of enemies in a fight to death. Finish all 10 stages to complete Arena:Colosseum and bask in everlasting glory.

Compete against your friends and everyone else. Your score will be saved in separate Leaderboards.

Unlock 2 new achievements for the complete experience.


More Fun Stuff

Fights get even more brutal now that Puppy has learned 4 new finishing moves.

The brutality comes with style as 2 new outfits are there for you to unlock in the Arena:Colosseum mode.

When the action’s getting too hot, you can chill out in snowy holiday Rengkok - anytime you want! Winter mod is here to stay. Activate it in the Gameplay settings.

If you crave the bigger picture, the beautifully hand-drawn new cutscene will take you down from the tops of the Heaven’s shiny skyscrapers, down beneath the lousiest streets of Rengkok South, and further below, to the Imagination Farms, where all hope is lost.

More motivational performance from HER awaits after each successful battle. Keep an eye out for 3 new portraits of the infamous hacker girl on Stage Clear panels!

OST has been updated, too. Now, you may enjoy RUINER’s tracks in WAV.


Database updated

Your descriptions of the new weapons have finally been uploaded! Find the guns and melee in the NG+ mode and learn their story in the Database.


Czech and Ukrainian

Puppy may not speak much, but he knows his Master’s voice.
Thanks to our great community, you may now play RUINER in Czech and Ukrainian.

A big round of applause to:

Jakub Kolarik and Jonas Kolarik for Czech localisation.

SBT Localization team: Rostyslav Sulima, Oleksii Ivanov, Oleksandr Lukianov, Olha Kmelnytska, Oleksandr Moskalenko, Yurii Bisyk, Tetiana Cherednychok, Violetta Kozakova, Sofiia Shul for Ukrainian localisation.


Bug fixes & features

Optimising Superloop for better FPS performance

Music can be muted now

Small collision fixes

Updated credits


You weren’t even planning on going out anyway, have you.


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